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Moj Pardazan Alborz Engineering Company

Moj Pardazan Alborz Engineering Company was established in 2008 with the efforts of several university graduates.

The main and major part of the company’s activities was formed on the basis of research and development and relying on the knowledge and experiences of the elites of the top universities and the capable youth of Iran, in important national projects and various industries such as telecommunications, oil and gas, electricity and water, a wide range of It has provided supply, consulting, design, construction and installation services. With a history of nearly two decades, this company has achieved unique achievements in the field of designing and producing new products, transferring technology and technical knowledge.

In parallel with the expansion of research activities, the company’s production capacities have also been developed and until today it has been able to produce and provide numerous products to the country’s energy and telecommunication industries.

In this regard, he succeeded in obtaining the approval of knowledge-based companies from the Vice President of Science and Technology. Currently, the license type of knowledge base of Alborz Surfers is production type 1.

In the field of international trade, by employing native experts of the country as well as modern knowledge and technology, it has succeeded in playing an effective role in the export and import of technical and engineering services in various fields, including control, industrial automation, telecommunications, electronics and precision instruments. Taking advantage of its offices and partners in China, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Russia, this company is proud to introduce itself as one of the most reliable commercial sources of supply of goods as a supplier of industrial parts and equipment.

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